Why Are the Polls Wrong?

The polls insist on claiming that the People prefer the empty, mind-addled shell known as “Joe Biden” along with his crazed, nutjob running mate Kamala Harris. The polls were wrong in 2016. They’re probably even more wrong this time. However, this time we may never know that for sure. Why?

The polls are wrong so when they fake the vote totals to show a Biden win, it has a patina of plausibility. That will also allow the media to paint any Trump resistance to the fraud as illegitimate (not to mention providing justification for cracking down extra-hard on Trump supporters).

My pet theory of why the polls in 2016 were so incorrect is they were planning on faking that election too, except whoever was responsible for pulling the trigger on the voter fraud actually believed the fake polls and thought, “Why take the risk if she’s going to win anyway?” And then she lost. Ooops! LMAO.

I like that theory because it’s totally hilarious and makes the Clinton campaign look really stupid, which is obviously true. Of course, they would not allow themselves to mess up like that again, so my thinking is there’s trouble ahead in November.

My only hope in this is the realization that I tend to be too pessimistic about politics.

[This post is largely a response to this: https://darkherald.net/2020/10/12/catalines-take-on-the-polls/ ]

Eating Bugs

There’s been some discussion lately, around and about, relating to a push to normalize the eating of insects by humans. Mealworms, etc. One reference here.


One does have to wonder, though, why? Why on earth would there be any sort of campaign to do this?

There are various theories, of course. One of the more interesting ones is that it’s part of a campaign of psychological warfare against the public, similar to transgenderism and pedophilia normalization. If they can get you to accept the unacceptable, that has a demoralizing effect which makes you easier to control. It also serves to prove (to them) that you are controllable, so it occurs to me that some of the motivation here might simply be the elite wanting to test the limits of their power.

However, at least in relation to the eating bugs question, I also think there’s something more mundane (and therefore dangerous) going on.

The shift from meat eating to plant eating to bug eating is probably about maximizing profitability. Meat is the least profitable means of food production, due to how long it takes for animals to grow, the expense of feeding them, keeping them safe and healthy, butchering them and keeping the meat frozen. Plants, particularly cash crops, are more profitable, for a variety of reasons. However, growing food plants still requires large tracts of land which deteriorate over time, and large investments relating to things like irrigation, weed control, fertilization, harvesting (even mechanical harvesting), and transport. Most plants other than dried grains are also highly perishable.

Bugs, on the other hand, could potentially feed on garbage (or, perish the thought, human remains) while being kept in a great big bucket or tray, which could then simply be dumped out to “harvest” them. Potentially, each local landfill (or morgue) could be turned into a “food” production facility. Yikes. Presumably, due to the quickness of the insect life cycle, production could also be easily scaled in order to meet variable demand, which would help to keep storage costs minimized. Producers also wouldn’t have to deal with problems associated with weather variation of the sort that’s decimated a lot of grain growers this year.

Financially, it sounds like a huge win, if you don’t care how disgusting and offensive and evil it is. I also have questions relating to nutritional value. If bugs were such a great nutrition source for the human body, obviously we would have been eating them all along, but we don’t do that, so obviously they are not all that great. Relying on such a non-optimal source as the primary staple in the human diet, therefore, is a really bad idea. But you know whoever is behind this certainly doesn’t care, and is certainly going to make every effort to bury potential health risks. They already do that, have been doing it for decades, and look at how unhealthy the population is as a result.

For now, I’m in wait-and-see mode, mainly because I don’t see much that I could do to help the situation. I rely primarily on meat from small producers, and so far the increased popularity of veganism just means more meat available for me. I realize, though, that it’s a slippery slope. If we reach the point where small meat producers start going out of business because of declining sales, then I’m in trouble. A bigger danger, though, is that of moral panic. If meat producers start having to worry about being assaulted or vandalized by “activists,” that would motivate a lot of them to voluntarily go out of business, and would have a disproportionate effect on small producers. Moral panic could also motivate legislatures to enact stupid laws and regulations designed to suppress meat production, “for our own good.” Keep an eye on California, they are the bellwether. Whatever stupid foolishness is next going to seize the country, it’ll probably happen first in California.

Scary times.


Blogger Jim discusses The General Flynn Affair. In summary:

So this looks like a creeping coup, and a creeping countercoup, with Trump countercoup successful. Going after Flynn is an act of pointless self destructive vindictiveness, an act of madness…. If they can punish Flynn, they are still in power. If they cannot, not in power. And now, whether they are in power or not is about to be put to the test. If they cannot punish Flynn, no one will fear them any more, and if no one fears them any more, everything falls apart for the plotters.

Reading the entire article is highly recommended. Jim hammers away at this issue with a hard-nosed logic that is difficult to deny, and is, quite frankly, far more reassuring to us black-pilled Trumpists than the endless Q nonsense. Granted, Q may be correct, but the way that info is coming out just makes it seem like bait for nutjobs. I can’t even bring myself to waste my time on it.

A world without poetry

Good article:

Walt Whitman, Mass Media and Jewish Power

The author of this falls under the category of, “he said things critical of Jewry, Israel and/or the Holocaust” which therefore means he must be an anti-semite and a Nazi, even though he’s actually a poet who lives in a small town in Vietnam. Maybe it’s even risky posting that link here and not immediately disavowing everything he says.

But, it’s a good article.  For example:

Hedges has written quite a bit about how enthralled we are to illusions and pseudo-events, a make believe universe of distortions and lies that has removed us from reality. The mass produced images are the virtual bricks of this faux cosmos, and it all started with photography, invented during Whitman’s lifetime.


The fact is, there is no need to erase Whitman, for he and every other poet are already all but invisible in this nation of mirages, trivia and distractions, where sexed up, mass produced images have erased contemplation, reflection and, ultimately, thoughts. Poetry is no longer viable in the United States.

I don’t care much about poetry myself, lacking the cognitive ability to process it very well (or maybe I’m just impatient and lazy with what I read). But, taking the gist of what he’s saying, it’s apparent that he is spot on in a general sense. Take poetry as a metaphor for a larger spectrum of experience, things that used to be basic parts of human existence but which no longer fit into a world where everything is part of some media campaign or strategic plan.

Everything is fake now. I go to a nearby wildlife refuge for a walk and the boards in the footbridges there turn out to be made of plastic with a little sawdust mixed in, then imprinted with a wood grain pattern and colored to make them look “real.” Or, have you noticed how hard it’s gotten to find casual clothing that doesn’t have someone’s brand name clearly visible on it? A winter jacket, for instance. Try finding one that doesn’t have a logo on it. Or pants. We’re not wearing pants, we’re wearing “Dockers” or “Levi’s” or whatever the hell are the current brands (I know Dockers and Levis aren’t anymore). Even underwear has the logo of some company obnoxiously emblazoned around the waistband for fuck’s sake. Can a man take off his damn pants without becoming yet another advertisement? Apparently not! Our choice is to either be an ad, or run around completely naked.

We even have fake people now. A woman who I’ve known for pretty much a decade has a personality which I would describe as 100% artificial. The sad thing is, she’s quite intelligent and reasonable, with a good sense of humor, and yet, somehow she manages to not only act as if she’s never had an independent thought in her life, the impression she creates with her persona is that of a scripted TV character, and not a very well written one either. And she’s like that all the time. It’s not an act! It’s just how she is.

It’s a sad day when we don’t just have to put up with endless, tedious ads every damn place we look, or third-rate, one-dimensional characters in our entertainment, but when people start to lose the ability to see how artificial and narrow these things are, to the point where they themselves subsume their entire identities and personalities into them…all I can say is, that’s fucked up. And I have no clue how to fix any of it.

Maybe I should press “f” now.

Our own Crisis of the Third Century

Excellent article by The Saker:

Mr. MAGA and the End of Western Civilization

It’s pretty critical of Trump, but also very critical of pretty much everyone else, particularly those who richly deserve it. It’s also a very good summary of the current mess we find ourselves in.

A very short excerpt:

Nobody can predict how this struggle between the Neocons and the Clinton Gang on one hand and Trump on the other will play out, but my personal guess is that Trump is a disposable President: the Neocons will use him to do all the crazy shit they typically are known for, and when the inevitable disaster strikes, they will blame him, him alone, while hiding their own role in what took place.

Sadly, I am in complete agreement. Failing to keep Trump out of office in the first place, the powers that be will settle for making him their scapegoat for whatever happens to go wrong in the next 10 or more years. And there’ll be a lot that goes wrong.

Additionally: I wasn’t sure what I was going to title this piece, until I came across one of the comments to the above which likened our current situation to the mess that Rome found itself in roughly 1800 years ago. It’s a very apt comparison, IMHO.

Looking forward to a feudal America, brought to you by liberals

Lately we’ve been seeing Democrats, who at this point would more accurately be labelled “Communists”, advocating for 70% or higher tax rates for “the wealthy.”

This is idiocy, but it’s also concerning, given the relentless progress of the left that many of us have witnessed over our lifetimes. They may not be able to achieve 70% now, but, given the utter lack of balls within the GOP, it’s only a matter of time.

Unfortunately, the Commies actually believe that they’ll be able to level out the income distribution graph with this sort of strategy. The reality is closer to the opposite: the wealthiest of the wealthy, aka the 1%, or more accurately the 0.1%, are untouchable. Mere politicians can’t touch them, and that is pretty much an inexorable law of nature. However, Commie politicians are not going to simply accept this fact and go home. No, they are going to guess how much money they would be getting from their 70% rate, apply that to the next lower rungs of the income distribution, and call it a victory, even though it would have the net effect of skewing the income distribution even worse than it already is.

What’s more, I suspect the billionaires know this, and that is part of why they support leftist politicians. It’s sheer greed, knowing they’ll be safe while the Commies wipe out the middle class in the name of “tax the rich!” They know the greatest threat to their hold on power is the middle class.


What’s perversely interesting to speculate on, though, is what might happen after that sort of taxation becomes the norm. When the middle class starts getting taxed at 70%, a lot of them are just going to quit their jobs and join the ranks of the poor, hoping they’ll get something in the process. What then? Will we have something like in the late Roman empire, where something very similar happened and the emperor responded by saying, “No, you’re not allowed to quit.” And then, when people stayed in their unprofitable jobs for their entire lives but their sons, not being fools, decided that no way were they going to throw away their lives like that, the next emperor responded by saying, “No, you’re not allowed to abandon the profession of your father.” Is that where we’re headed? Because that, friends and neighbors, is how feudalism got started: Farmers being bound to the land because, for generations, farming had not been profitable, but if someone didn’t keep them there, then the empire would starve. Meanwhile, other, more mobile professions probably snuck out of the reaches of imperial authority and no doubt contributed greatly to the collapse of the empire by doing so.

Look for this to happen in America over the next few generations, once the Commies get their way. Or, maybe the whole mess will just fall apart before we ever get to that point. One can always hope, right?

A French bank run would be a very bad idea…unless you’re a globalist

I hear tell that there’s a possible “bank run” in the works in France. The Yellow Vests are apparently considering it as a way to cause problems for the elite, a way to get them to accede to some Yellow Vest demands.

I don’t think it’ll work. In fact, I think such a move could actually play into globalist hands in a big way, particularly when you consider moves in recent years towards a “cashless society.”

Most transactions are now electronic, which means that, from the perspective of the banking system, they are not withdrawals at all, but simply transfers from one account to another. You can buy as much food as you want, or gas, whatever, and the system doesn’t lose any funds at all. All that happens is the number in one account (yours) gets smaller and the numbers in the merchant accounts get bigger.  As long as everything balances out, the system continues to work.

Cash seems different because the banksters can’t control who possesses the banknotes or where they are spent, nor can they even keep track of these things. So, from that perspective, cash appears to be “out” of the system. This is an illusion, however, as we’ll see in a moment.

The traditional scenario of a bank run is when people withdraw too many banknotes all at once, causing the banks to run out, thereby eroding trust in the system to such a degree that people attempt to withdraw their money even more quickly. A snowball effect ensues which can risk collapsing the entire system. The Yellow Vests are proposing that they create this situation artificially.

Assuming, however, that the immediate response to the threat of a bank run isn’t to simply slap a weekly limit of 100 euros on withdrawals, another possible response on the part of the banksters could go this way:

First, simply wait for it to happen. Wait for most or all of the cash to be withdrawn. Then, call up lapdog Macron to declare a state of emergency. Once declared, his first action would be to wipe out the value of all the banknotes by prohibiting all banks from accepting cash deposits. (The banks could certainly take that action on their own initiative, but it would be better for them to have Macron be the scapegoat.) Once this is done, anyone with large amounts of cash is stuck holding piles of now worthless paper.  Meanwhile, people who hadn’t withdrawn lots of cash would still have their accounts full, would still be able to buy groceries, fuel, and so on, but anyone with cash instead of money in the bank would be screwed. The banksters/globalists could leave things that way indefinitely and, not only would they have the cashless society they wanted, but any blame for it would rest on the Yellow Vests for making it “necessary.” Checkmate.

Nowadays, cash is only worth something because the banks say it is.

Trump to address the nation tonight

President Trump is going to address the nation on prime time television tonight, in relation to building The Wall.  I will of course attempt to tune in on YouTube or somewhere like that, although I won’t be surprised if I run into problems.  (Seems like I always run into internet problems when Trump addresses the nation, but never at any other time.  Weird.)

Anyway, my money is on him NOT declaring a state of emergency in relation to building the wall.

If he was really planning on declaring an emergency, he wouldn’t be talking about it and thereby giving the opposition a chance to prepare a solid legal challenge.

It’s a negotiating technique. Hint that something worse could be in store if the opposition doesn’t get their ass in gear and agree to the current terms of the deal.

If I’m wrong, though, that would be really cool. What he ought to do is declare a state of emergency and when some liberal judge inevitably throws up an injunction,  declare the judge to be an enemy agent and subject to arrest. We could keep Gitmo populated with liberal judges for the foreseeable future! Heheheh.


Days gone by

For some reason today I found myself wondering about the old The Spearhead blog, which used to be located at the-spearhead.com (don’t go there now, though—the site which currently owns that domain is pretty fishy looking).

I’d count The Spearhead as one of the first three or four manosphere blogs that I’d ever read on a regular basis, and for a long time it was my first blog read of the day, every day. It was a tremendous resource.

I did a quick search to see if there was some kind of archive available. There didn’t appear to be one readily available. Further searching may turn something up, but for now, this is the best tribute to The Spearhead that I was able to locate:

Well This is Awkward…

If I ever do find a real archive of what was once the nexus of the early Manosphere, perhaps the most influential blog of its day, I’ll post it in the “MIA” section in the sidebar.