Map of the “Dark Enlightenment”

Actually it’s a list of a bunch of different blogs and sites pertaining to Dark Enlightenment, Manosphere, HBD, Christian Traditionalist, Monarchismts, Ethno-Nationalism, Futurism, “Dissident Right” sites, and the like.  One classification I hadn’t come across before: Womanosphere.  If you scroll down a ways, there’s even more links:

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment

h/t to Anti-Gnostic

Do I have any business calling myself a “reactionary”?  My own mental jury is actually still out on that.  I tend to agree much more on the side of, “yes, these are all serious problems” than I do on the side of “this is what would be a good idea to solve them.” (Then again, there are surely those who would say that, since I am an ordinary plebe who has no business presuming to run the world anyway, I therefore fit right in with the reactionary paradigm! Except for the environmentalism thing.)  Either way, it all makes for some quite interesting reading.