Life in the Midwest: A Brief Snippet

One of the things I love the most about living in the midwest is hearing people talk like this:

“Doggone it’s cold today! Gee whiz!”

Yes, I heard someone say exactly those words, just a minute ago.  Granted, he was an older gentleman.  Those of us born in more recent decades would tend to express the sentiment a bit differently… ;)

As for how cold it actually is: temp said 6 degrees when I left for work this morning. Since then it’s gone up to a balmy 8.  Of course, the presence or absence of significant wind would really make a difference.  For instance, when I was out by the lake on Thanksgiving day, there was a fairly bitter wind blasting my face from one side, making the 12 degree temperature seem probably somewhere in the near sub-zero range.  A good introduction to winter, although somewhat harsh for November!  (All temps in degrees Fahrenheit.  In general, I repudiate the metric system, except for scientific applications.)

(And I still haven’t gotten around to the sidebar reorganization I mentioned last time….ah well.)

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