Some fights have been breaking out within refugee camps in Germany:

Migrants and locals got into a fight in a restaurant in Bavaria on Sunday….Meanwhile in the town of Hattersheim, around 30 residents of the local asylum centre were involved in a fight the left four people injured….The violence follows a weekend of clashes in asylum centres across the country….in Berlin, police had to intervene after a fight started as migrants queued for food….another fight in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where migrants attacked one another with fire extinguishers….500 people had be to be evacuated from the migrant centre….Germany’s police union has previously called for migrants to be separated by country of origin to minimise [sic] the risk of inter-ethnic tension. [emphasis added]

Well that sounds reasonable….er, wait a second. Aren’t all of these “refugees” actually from the same country, namely Syria? So what’s all this “separated by country of origin” business?

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