A couple ‘a vids

I’ve watched a lot of Trump vids over the past 6 months.  Mostly rallies, some interviews, speeches, portions of the debates. A variety of stuff. Much of it is very worth watching. Yesterday’s rallies in Forth Worth and Oklahoma City, for instance: both among the best that I’ve seen.

Tonight, though, I came across something special so I will link it here, I encourage everyone to give it a click and enjoy:

Learn to Love TRUMP in 12 Minutes or Less

I won’t embed that because it’s much better in a full sized window, preferably hi-def if your regional YouTube server can feed it to you.

One of the best things about it is all the crowd shots.  Having watched so many rallies where the cameras never! move! one! single! inch! it’s really refreshing, even thrilling, to see the size of these crowds.

Here’s another good one by that same person:

Donald Trump – A Great Leader, Father & American

My favorite part of that one is when he asks all the little kids if they want a ride in his helicopter and they all yell, “Yeaaaaaahhh!!!!!”  Gotta love it!

Both of these were put together by an anonymous person called merely “A Donald Trump Fan.”  I don’t have a YouTube account, so I will say here: Great job, whoever you are.

Seen on the web:

“I’m moving to Canada if Trump becomes president.”
“What about Mexico?”
“I don’t want to live in Mexico, it sucks!”
“Me either, that’s why I’m voting for Trump!”

I LOLed.

I wonder what would happen if one were to ask such a person what exactly it is that “sucks” about Mexico.


All Hail the Onion

I saw this quoted over on Vox Day’s blog and actually had to check to make sure it wasn’t serious:

Moving quickly to begin the process of filling the unexpected vacancy on the Supreme Court bench, President Obama spent much of the weekend compiling a shortlist of gay, transsexual abortion doctors to replace the late Antonin Scalia, White House sources confirmed Monday. “These are all exemplary candidates with strong homosexual values and proven records of performing partial-birth abortions, but am I missing anyone?” Obama reportedly asked himself while reviewing his list of queer, gender-nonconforming, feminist Planned Parenthood employees, all of whom were also said to be black immigrants. “I definitely have enough post-op transsexuals on the list, but it is a little light on pre-op candidates. And I should probably add a cop killer or two on here just to round out my options.” Sources later confirmed that Obama was attempting to rapidly narrow the list down to the single best nominee to submit to the Senate in hopes of wrapping up confirmation hearings before his choice had to leave to attend the Hajj pilgrimage.

Ok, they got me. :)


10 Feet Taller

I had some minor car trouble today, which gave me some unexpected time to watch one of the recent Trump rallies.  This one was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, held yesterday.  It’s one of the better rallies I’ve seen.  Here’s a link to the video:

Trump rally, Baton Rouge, Feb. 11, 2016

(Skip the first hour of that, he starts talking around 1:01:00.)

What’s the best part? Towards the end, he’s talking about the wall, and how the president of Mexico said, “Mexico is NEVER going to pay for that wall. NEVER.”  So the press calls on Trump and asks, “Do you have a comment?” Trump’s response, “Yes, tell him the wall just got 10 feet taller. Tell him.” And the crowd goes wild.

The Turkey City Lexicon

My normal source of political news has been on lockdown recently, so I’ve been having to look elsewhere for information and reading material.  This has led to a good deal of stumbling across unexpected but interesting items like this:

Turkey City Lexicon, A Primer for SF Workshops

Feel free to skip over the introductions and go right down to the good part, which is a list of science fiction writer jargon often heard at writing workshops, along with definitions.  For instance,

“Call a Rabbit a Smeerp“

A cheap technique for false exoticism, in which common elements of the real world are re-named for a fantastic milieu without any real alteration in their basic nature or behavior. “Smeerps” are especially common in fantasy worlds, where people often ride exotic steeds that look and act just like horses. (Attributed to James Blish.)


False Humanity

An ailment endemic to genre writing, in which soap-opera elements of purported human interest are stuffed into the story willy-nilly, whether or not they advance the plot or contribute to the point of the story. The actions of such characters convey an itchy sense of irrelevance, for the author has invented their problems out of whole cloth, so as to have something to emote about.

(Many current day TV writers could take a hint or two from that one.)


The Grubby Apartment Story

Similar to the “poor me” story, this autobiographical effort features a miserably quasi-bohemian writer, living in urban angst in a grubby apartment. The story commonly stars the author’s friends in thin disguises — friends who may also be the author’s workshop companions, to their considerable alarm.

There’s a whole slew of these things. Pretty interesting, often funny.

When you’re done reading those, go back up to Bruce Sterling’s intro section and have a go at it as well; its description of how a typical SF writing workshop works is pretty amusing.

I suppose why this stuff caught my interest at this moment in time is because I’ve been toying lately with the idea of writing a novel. Of course, I have no idea how I would go about doing that, nor how on earth I would find the time.  Maybe I could give up sleeping.

A more likely scenario is that I’ll get my eyeglasses updated and start reading fiction for pleasure again.  It’s been quite a while.  I used to be an avid reader, one of those who was always in the process of reading a book.  As soon as one book was done, I’d start the next one; there was never a day where I wasn’t currently reading something. But that started to fall by the wayside a number of years ago, and more recently I’ve gotten so thoroughly out of the habit that I have no idea how I used to find so much time for it. The last fiction novel I managed to get all the way through was Neal Stephenson’s Anathem, which I read two or three years ago I think.

Anyway, I’m going to add the Turkey City Lexicon to the sidebar links and see how that sits.