Gun buying advice for liberals

This made me LOL, but it’s a pretty good article, and of use to non-liberal newbies as well:

A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested in Gun Ownership

I’ve been meaning to arm myself for some time, and started thinking about it more seriously in the run-up to Nov. 8 when things were looking increasingly dicey. Simultaneously to that, I realized that when things are suddenly looking dicey is not a good time to be buying a weapon.  Better to have one already at that time, right?  And to acquire one when things are not so dicey, so better care can be taken in the process.

In the mean time, I still have some other issues to work out.  One is being a former liberal myself, raised by a foaming-at-the-mouth anti-gun pacifist, I was instilled with a fear of guns at a young age, and steeped in liberal culture for most of my life. I find it’s a hard thing to overcome.  Oh, the logic of gun ownership is plain enough, but the emotional reaction is harder to argue with.

Then there’s the issue of money.  A decent weapon, ammunition, training for myself, and regular practice: I’d have to fit that within my existing budget somehow. That would mean giving up something else in exchange, and there aren’t a lot of things I could easily give up right now.

Lastly, there’s simply the matter of time.  Researching what sort of weapon I would buy, learning how to use it, and keeping up on skills, plus time spent familiarizing myself with the law in my state. Time is short. I suppose I could cut out some sleep time, right?

But the main thing I suppose is the fear.

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