Blogger Jim discusses The General Flynn Affair. In summary:

So this looks like a creeping coup, and a creeping countercoup, with Trump countercoup successful. Going after Flynn is an act of pointless self destructive vindictiveness, an act of madness…. If they can punish Flynn, they are still in power. If they cannot, not in power. And now, whether they are in power or not is about to be put to the test. If they cannot punish Flynn, no one will fear them any more, and if no one fears them any more, everything falls apart for the plotters.

Reading the entire article is highly recommended. Jim hammers away at this issue with a hard-nosed logic that is difficult to deny, and is, quite frankly, far more reassuring to us black-pilled Trumpists than the endless Q nonsense. Granted, Q may be correct, but the way that info is coming out just makes it seem like bait for nutjobs. I can’t even bring myself to waste my time on it.