Why Are the Polls Wrong?

The polls insist on claiming that the People prefer the empty, mind-addled shell known as “Joe Biden” along with his crazed, nutjob running mate Kamala Harris. The polls were wrong in 2016. They’re probably even more wrong this time. However, this time we may never know that for sure. Why?

The polls are wrong so when they fake the vote totals to show a Biden win, it has a patina of plausibility. That will also allow the media to paint any Trump resistance to the fraud as illegitimate (not to mention providing justification for cracking down extra-hard on Trump supporters).

My pet theory of why the polls in 2016 were so incorrect is they were planning on faking that election too, except whoever was responsible for pulling the trigger on the voter fraud actually believed the fake polls and thought, “Why take the risk if she’s going to win anyway?” And then she lost. Ooops! LMAO.

I like that theory because it’s totally hilarious and makes the Clinton campaign look really stupid, which is obviously true. Of course, they would not allow themselves to mess up like that again, so my thinking is there’s trouble ahead in November.

My only hope in this is the realization that I tend to be too pessimistic about politics.

[This post is largely a response to this: https://darkherald.net/2020/10/12/catalines-take-on-the-polls/ ]

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