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AFR site; sidebar update due…

Just found:

Americans for a Free Republic

Looks interesting, will have to check it out.

I also noticed today that it’s getting to be high time to update the sidebar links.  Several will probably be removed.  Sadly, it looks like I’ll have to move the link to The Spearhead down to the “on hiatus” category.  Hopefully, the author will pick it up again someday.  Over the past several years, The Spearhead has really been an excellent resource, not only covering a range of important topics, but it could always be counted on as a source of reason in whatever debate happened to be raging at the time.  I wish the author well.

Map of the “Dark Enlightenment”

Actually it’s a list of a bunch of different blogs and sites pertaining to Dark Enlightenment, Manosphere, HBD, Christian Traditionalist, Monarchismts, Ethno-Nationalism, Futurism, “Dissident Right” sites, and the like.  One classification I hadn’t come across before: Womanosphere.  If you scroll down a ways, there’s even more links:

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment

h/t to Anti-Gnostic

Do I have any business calling myself a “reactionary”?  My own mental jury is actually still out on that.  I tend to agree much more on the side of, “yes, these are all serious problems” than I do on the side of “this is what would be a good idea to solve them.” (Then again, there are surely those who would say that, since I am an ordinary plebe who has no business presuming to run the world anyway, I therefore fit right in with the reactionary paradigm! Except for the environmentalism thing.)  Either way, it all makes for some quite interesting reading.