Happy Holidays!!

Just kidding.  :D

Merry Christmas to all:

That, friends and neighbors, is how Christmas is done.

And, from the other side of the Atlantic:

I was lucky enough to tune in to the radio last weekend when that festival was being broadcast, it totally made my day.

One more, in a different vein:


Gun buying advice for liberals

This made me LOL, but it’s a pretty good article, and of use to non-liberal newbies as well:

A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested in Gun Ownership

I’ve been meaning to arm myself for some time, and started thinking about it more seriously in the run-up to Nov. 8 when things were looking increasingly dicey. Simultaneously to that, I realized that when things are suddenly looking dicey is not a good time to be buying a weapon.  Better to have one already at that time, right?  And to acquire one when things are not so dicey, so better care can be taken in the process.

In the mean time, I still have some other issues to work out.  One is being a former liberal myself, raised by a foaming-at-the-mouth anti-gun pacifist, I was instilled with a fear of guns at a young age, and steeped in liberal culture for most of my life. I find it’s a hard thing to overcome.  Oh, the logic of gun ownership is plain enough, but the emotional reaction is harder to argue with.

Then there’s the issue of money.  A decent weapon, ammunition, training for myself, and regular practice: I’d have to fit that within my existing budget somehow. That would mean giving up something else in exchange, and there aren’t a lot of things I could easily give up right now.

Lastly, there’s simply the matter of time.  Researching what sort of weapon I would buy, learning how to use it, and keeping up on skills, plus time spent familiarizing myself with the law in my state. Time is short. I suppose I could cut out some sleep time, right?

But the main thing I suppose is the fear.

Kek Be Praised!!

TRUMP!!! HAS !!! WON!!!!!


And Trump took WISCONSIN!!!!  I can hardly believe that.  My own, humble little state, which everybody (including us) figured would go for Clinton, has not only cast it’s vote for Trump, we’ve re-elected a much deserving U.S. Senator.  Hearty, high-energy congratulations to both President-Elect Trump, and Senator Ron Johnson!  What a great day this is!  Wisconsin hasn’t gone Republican in a Presidential race since freakin’ 1984!!

Now please pardon me while I go dance around my apartment and laugh in sheer glee some more.  I feel like a six-year-old on Christmas morning, and it’s the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!  :D


I really have to laugh at this:


Not only is this really, really weak (in fact, Buzzfeed wouldn’t even touch it), it’s especially laughable to me considering that, prior to Trump throwing his hat in the ring last year, I had fully intended on casting a write-in vote for Vladimir Putin for President.

Strictly as a protest vote, of course, since Putin is not actually eligible to serve as President.  But give me a break.  These people don’t understand the obvious: THEY ARE SO CROOKED WE WOULD RATHER HAVE THE RUSSIANS THAN THEM.


Today’s quote:

Guys, this is what war looks like before people start fucking shooting each other. – Anon

Posted yesterday by a random everyman, in a place that I frequent, shortly after the four lying female shits-of-the-day came forward with obviously fabricated sexual allegations against Trump.  Recall during the 2nd debate how the slimeball moderator pressed Trump for a firm, unequivocal denial of sexual misconduct. We now see the reason for that.

Liberals have pushed and pushed and pushed the “why is a woman’s word not enough?” narrative on sexual assaults and misconduct, and so-called conservatives have done nothing to stop them. Many people are beginning to accept that principle as just. When the public considers a man guilty of a sexual offense simply on the say-so of one woman, how easy is it, given sufficient incentive, to find the right woman willing to say the right things to smack somebody down on an as-needed basis?

But what happens if the person being smacked refuses to back down? Does the brinkmanship stop, or do things escalate even more?

What the establishment and their media shills are doing now is engaging in legally actionable conduct, as evidenced by Trump siccing his lawyers on the New York Times. Trump has the best lawyers in the business. If they are threatening legal action and using the term “libelous” in all seriousness, it’s a safe bet that they are not just making shit up and they are not kidding.

Where do things go from here?

(Best possible outcome at this point would be for 1) the recent allegations to fall down like a house of cards (haha) under scrutiny, thereby 2) embarrassing and discrediting the living shit out of the left-wing dweebs who’ve promulgated them, which in turn might just results in 3) increased support for Trump.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Early indications are that (1) may already be happening, assuming anybody can get the MSM to actually listen and repeat the info.)

State Senator Commits Suicide

Sheriff’s officials: Sen. Rick Gudex died of self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest

Good lord.

It’s tempting to think of this in the context of the current GOP political maelstrom, but that could very well be inaccurate. It’s unknown what Senator Gudex’s actual motive was. It’s been at least a year (if I remember right) since he decided he was not going to run for reelection.

I didn’t know the Senator personally, but I know people who were acquainted with him. He was the sort of man who made a good impression on people, and who people (myself included) would have been happy to vote for, had he decided to run for reelection. In fact, I recall some consternation among conservatives in these parts when he announced he was not going to do that.

I am a die-hard skeptic in terms of the existence of an afterlife, but if there is such a thing, I hope he is forgiven for taking his own life, and that he can find some peace.