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Some music

Maren Morris – My Church (lyric video)

A new song, recently released.  I first heard this yesterday afternoon, and can’t stop listening to it.  Very catchy and uplifting.

There’s also a full-blown music video:  Here you go.  (I prefer the lyric version, myself.)

I’m not a demonstrative person, but this song makes me want to get up and dance, and sing along.  I hope it’s popular; I think it actually deserves to be a hit, unlike a lot of the stuff out nowadays.

Of course, the song itself is a bit leftish in its sensibility.  Between the gospel-but-not-gospel lyrics and certain elements in the official video, several standard-issue leftist buttons are adequately pressed.  However, the same can be said about almost all current popular music, if I was determined to avoid listening to any song containing left wing content, I’d be limited to nothing released since….well, since the invention of the phonograph, just to hazard a guess.  And who wants to do that? Not me.