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So long, farewell, da da da da da da-ahhh!

I saw a link to this over on Vox Day’s blog yesterday.

Executive summary: Matt Walsh has decided to leave the Republican Party due to Trump being the presumptive nominee.

My remarks:

The GOP was in dire need of a remaking.  This has happened to political parties before, and will happen again at points in the future.  It’s an inherent part of the American political process, a reflection of the facts that 1) the way votes are counted means, mathematically, that the most stable arrangement is a two-party polarity, and 2) the needs and concerns of the People change over time, in reflection of changing conditions in the world.  Those two facts together result in a need for either one, or preferably both, of the dominant political parties to periodically remake themselves in order to accommodate the new reality. What has happened is the formation of a new political coalition, a process which, in America, happens before the election rather than after (as in multi-party democracies).  This year the process happened to be particularly contentious, but it’s nothing more than the system working the way it is supposed to work, including anyone with influence trying to game the system, as they always do. The unusual thing this time is that the game-players didn’t come out on top the way they normally do.  This is a huge victory for ordinary people.

Furthermore, the fact that the Republican party reached this point sooner than the Democrats, who are also very obviously in need of a reality check, is a good thing, as it makes them more relevant to current conditions.  I expect the Democrats will undergo a similar process in four to eight years, but for now, regardless of who they can come up with as their nominee—Clinton, Sanders, or some alternative like Biden—it’s the GOP/Trump coalition which is right now more firmly grounded in reality. Trump and his supporters made that happen. The Democrats are still traipsing around in ideological la-la land, making themselves look more and more stupid with each passing day.  How is this not the best possible outcome for anyone other than leftist nutjobs, illegal aliens, and multinational megacorps hell-bent on perverting the political process to their own ends?

So, with due respect to Mr. Walsh, “So long, farewell, etc. etc.