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RNC sabotaging Trump campaign

Video here.  (Periscope video, Twitter embedded.)  Comes from Mike Cernovich.

Summary: Elements within the GOP are actively sabotaging the Trump campaign.  Now is not the time to worry about blaming people about it, there is not enough time between now and the election. What needs to be done now is remediation of the problem. Cernovich’s idea, and it’s a good one, is for each person to spread the #MAGA3X hashtag on social media and commit to register three likely Trump supporters to vote. More detailed explanation at the video.  Cernovich is also well aware that this whole election is rigged against Trump, and makes the point that whining about it is not going to accomplish anything.

Some related items:

I’m thinking even money Cernovich gets his Twitter account wiped within the next week.  Some people are starting to utilize gab.ai as a Twitter substitute.  It’s not quite ready for prime time at this point, but is worth getting in on at least.  I’m hoping they come up with an Android app at some point: keeping up with it in Chrome on my phone is nowhere near as convenient as the Twitter app, unfortunately.

Twitter will probably undermine that hashtag as soon as it figures out what’s going on, which may have already happened since that vid dates from a day ago.  Relying solely on Twitter is a mistake.

Anyway, if you can spare 30 minutes, the vid is worth a watch.